So easy:

  • Clamping frame
  • Rotating frame for doors
  • Rotating frame for windows
  • Rolls
  • Clamping frame for fixed mounting



Now, plague ghosts such as mosquitoes, flies and more can be specifically banished from living and working space. MFT offers you an unobtrusive and durable protection against insects. Not only the airing, but also the cozy candle evening with the window open can now take place without "disturbance". The best thing: the "chemical lobe" is definitely a thing of the past.


Customized solutions for every need.

With the MFT insect protection systems, an optimal solution can be found for every window, door and light shaft. The function of existing windows, doors and roller shutters is not affected in any way. We offer you individual solutions for turning, hanging or fixed mounting.


Quality instead of bulk goods.

Forget cheap DIY products for gluing. Our profiles are made of extruded aluminum and are powdercoated or anodised. The mitred profiles are pressed and glued with inserted aluminum brackets. This ensures high stability and durability. The fabric is made of hard-wearing glass in the colors gray or black. It is tear-resistant, hardly swallows light and hardly falls in the optical overall picture.


The fittings are made of high-quality, wear-free materials, are maintenance-free and color-matched to the frame.


Our range.

Your MFT sales representative will be pleased to provide you with information about our insect repellent elements.