Front-mounted roller shutters

Front-mounted roller shutters are installed in front of the window, which means that there are no heat bridges above the window as the building envelope is not broken. An advantage that is shown by less energy consumption, lower environmental impact, lower costs and at the same time more comfort through improved room climate. All ROMA front-mounted roller shutters fulfill the requirements of the Energy Saving Ordinance 2009. In addition, this type of construction makes possible repairs simple and clean as they can be carried out from the outside without damage in the room.



The aluminium-shutter system with round front screen is an unusual creation element for new building and renovation.



Sign for the pentagonal loaf tin and individual additional equipment as for example insect safety barrier complements this shutter system.



Is convincing formatively by the rectangular front screen equally for new building or for a demanding renovation.



The rolling case system adjusts to the facade and can be used alternatively with angular or pentagonal front screen.



Sloping windows are optimally equipped with this shutter system. Formatively the choice exists between round, angular and pentagonal front screens.

ROMA has the right roller shutter for every detail. This makes it possible to retrofit front and rear roller blinds with additional equipment such as insect screens - even retroactively.