ROMA tower roller shutter systems are mounted on the window and built together into the opening. A construction whose advantages are particularly evident in thermal insulation. The systems are equally used in both commercial and private construction, as these ROMA systems are also free of design freedom and investment security. One differentiates between plastic elements with styrofoam insulation shell inside and elements from PUR hard foam. Both types of roller shutters are characterized by the best thermal insulation values. In addition, an insect protection grille can be integrated (not with RA.2) or can be retrofitted for motor operation.



The proven system of private construction and object construction is convincing by advantages by planning, conversion and heat insulation.



A multifunctional system which is valid with new building or renovation as an optimum solution for solar protection and energy saving.



The being outside check opening is the sign of these new modular systems. PURO.XRK was developed especially for brick construction method.




ROMA developed this Sytem especially for the renovation and renovation of buildings for a better energy efficiency.




The persuasive solution for the shutter renovation without window exchange. Armament with engine company is also possible.


ROMA has the right roller shutter for every detail. This makes it possible to retrofit front and rear roller blinds with additional equipment such as insect screens - even retroactively.