We have the ambition to always be a little better than other manufacturers through constant commitment. Many details in our house door filling and the production experience of three decades make the quality difference of your house door clear to other products.

heat protection


Already in the standard equipment every door load filling is characterized by optimal thermal insulation. This is ensured by an internal high-insulation thermal insulation core and the high-quality thermal protection glass with a U-value of 1.1 W / m2 K. For special requirements on energy efficiency, we offer you further equipment options.

Ask your expert adviser what warmer protection package best suits your needs.



Each of our front door panels provides you with a solid base of protection and safety. Because your new front door will be tested with our door-to-door refills, according to valid resistance classes. With our safety packets of the resistance classes RC 1- RC 3 (WK1-WK3), we offer you equipment for all safety requirements.

For further sensible safety features such as laminated safety glasses or internal steel inserts, consult your specialist consultant. It ensures that you get exactly the security package that meets your personal needs. Up to solutions according to DIN resistance classes - for maximum safety, with which you feel completely safe.

Compare and ask your specialist consultant what security package best suits your needs and those of your door.



Design conveys beauty and value, flattering our eyes and expressing our own personality. The high demands on aesthetics and timeless design are reflected in our door-to-door fillings of the series Modern, Classic and Exclusive. You can choose from models in all styles and countless variants, which are designed with extraordinary attention to detail.


Just follow your personal style when deciding, and be happy to help with the choice of your specialist consultant.

STAINLESS STEEL COATING - Durable protective coating.

Flush applications in stainless steel design are not only visually appealing, but also very practical. The planar surfaces provide a flat surface without edges and angles in which dirt can accumulate. The perfectly polished stainless steel surface has a particularly high-quality refinement and is therefore corrosion and dirt resistant, weather and UV resistant, is easy to clean and is resistant to fingerprints. Here is touch allowed!


CLASSIC MAIN DOORS - Perfect workmanship.

A profiled and elaborately designed outer frame underlines the formal language of classic doorways.


DECORATIONS - Vibrant as real wood.

Door panels with decorative panels are carefully hand-carved ornamental frames. Many frames are already graced before coloring; This underlines the real wood effect.


NUTEN - Aesthetic depth.

The groovings of profiled doorway fillings are externally up to 3 mm deep, so that the struc- tural characteristics are already noticeable from a distance.


ORNAMENT FRAME - Nourishing surface.

The outer ornamental frame is encapsulated directly with the plastic cover layer on many models. Thus, dirt joints can not arise at all.