heat protection

Optimal thermal insulation is the standard of every doorway filling. The secret lies in the highly insulating 36 mm thick filling panels that form the thermal insulation core and the first-class heat protection glass, the U values of which are 1.1 W / m2K. Depending on your requirements and requirements, we can offer you additional equipment.



In order to make you feel safe, we offer you a reliable base of protection and safety with our door-to-door refills. With our safety packets from the 3-way locking system to the 5-fold automatic locking system, we offer you protection and safety for all requirements.

You will also be pleased to consult your specialist consultant for further useful safety precautions such as laminated safety glasses or interior steel inserts. It ensures that you get exactly the security package that meets your personal needs.


Just follow your personal style when deciding, and be happy to help with the choice of your specialist consultant.

house doors

  • With internal steel reinforcement in wing and frame profile.
  • Burglar protection by triple locking.
  • Bottom threshold thermally separated.
  • Aluminum sandwich filling with laminated glass.
  • Completely assembled: stainless steel handle and internal lever as shown.
  • Profile cylinder with 3 keys.
  • Delivery time is about 6 weeks.
  • Ready for assembly.
  • 10 years guarantee on all 14 filling models


Technical specifications:

  • Standard colors RAL9016 and RAL7016 IGP powder with 70% gloss
  • 12 wood decorations available for an extra charge
  • Filling thickness 36mm
  • 11.3 mm thick aluminum outer layers and rigid polyurethane foam (CFC-free)
  • Glasses in satinato, chinchilla, clear glass and mastercarre
  • U-value foam 0.69
  • U-value glass 1.1 Construction: 3 / 3-20-4 mm
  • VSG as standard variant. Construction: 3 / 3-20-4 mm, VSG side outwards
  • standard dimensions 900x2000mm
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