With the Schüco LivIng system you experience a new level of flexibility, efficiency and process reliability during processing and assembly. The innovative twin system with the world's first, patent-pending, weldable EPDM gasket allows you to achieve efficient production. For forward-looking windows and doors - according to your requirements.

Schüco LivIng with AS 

Schüco LivIng with MD


The Schüco LivIng plastic system is an innovative 7-chamber system, which can be built as a twin system with either a stop or a middle seal. In conjunction with the central gasket, the system achieves passive efficiency according to ift rosenheim. But also as a system with an abutment seal, excellent thermal insulation properties are achieved with narrow viewing.

product advantages

  • 7-chamber profile construction with optimized chamber geometry and a frame depth of 82 mm for maximum thermal insulation
  • Uf values up to 0.96 W / (m²K) are possible
  • Combination system with same wing profiles for center and stop seal
  • iIft-passive-suction with central gasket
  • 3-fold glazing with a glass thickness of 24 mm to 52 mm can be used
  • WFactory-machined, high-quality EPDM functional seals, weldable
  • Increased construction depth for more security and burglar protection
  • Narrow viewing width of 120 mm ensures the best possible incidence of light
  • Excellent soundproofing
  • Wing geometry in wing-offset wing optics
  • Available with a gray basic body for a harmonious look
  • Silver/grey seals on white profiles
  • Black seals with foil profiles and gray basic body
  • Color scheme with the brilliant metallic shades of Schüco AutomotiveFinish and a large selection of plain and wood decor foils