Better thermal insulation

It leads directly to sinking heating costs, which on the one hand make themselves noticeable in your money bag and on the other hand spare the environment by a lower CO2 emission. Energy saving is an important issue that affects everyone.


More safety

Your home wants to be protected, your values want to be secured. In the case of burglaries, the window often forms the weak point for easy access through intruders. With modern technology and corresponding material combinations, we have developed a safety concept that can be individually tailored to your personal safety requirements.


Higher comfort

New windows create additional living comfort. Because of their construction and the materials used, they offer very effective sound insulation. At the same time, a number of sealing layers keep the draft outside even in strong winds. And the optimum transparency of the insulating glass used today leads to an incomparably high light output.

Stylish design

Schüco windows captivate with their timeless lines and the slim profile contours. They take up the formal language of architecture and carry it through consistently. With a large number of color and wood decorations, you can not only place your own in the interior. The façade design also benefits from the color variety and the additional possibilities of matching the frame and the wings in color.


Custom made

All of these requirements require absolute precision in measurement, manufacture and installation. Today, a modern window fulfills considerably more tasks and requires, in addition to modern production equipment, trained specialists, who ensure quality up to the last touch.

Schüco Corona CT 70

Schüco Corona SI 82

Schüco corona Living

Schüco Alu Inside

Schüco blanks